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LWAH School of Excellence opens its doors for a wonderful new year! 
Osteoporosis Awareness Campaign
LWAH launched an awareness campaign on Osteorporosis, its complications and methods of prevention, to be conducted in 10 different villages in South Lebanon, starting with Sarafand and followed by lectures and testing in Bayssariye on September 29, Tebnin  and Bnaafoul on October 3 and October 6, respectively. Remaining villages are scheduled ...
Dekkenet 3ammo Radwan at Beirut City Centre
In Ramadan 2015, LWAH decided to go back to the roots, bringing in a much loved culture in “Dekennet 3ammo Radwan”, which was a haven of nostalgia, mixing Ramadan traditions with old fashioned kids’ frenzy items that have been around for decades. It ...
LWAH's Annual Suhoor
Friends and supporters gathered on a lovely Ramadan evening, on June 25, 2015, during LWAH's traditional Suhoor at Hilton Beirut - Habtoor Grand Hotel, celebrating the very meaning of the holy month. The evening featured two of LWAH's many success stories, in addition to performances by Harmony Choir and Harmony Band, ...