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Dekkenet 3ammo Radwan at Beirut City Centre

In Ramadan 2015, LWAH decided to go back to the roots, bringing in a much loved culture in “Dekennet 3ammo Radwan”, which was a haven of nostalgia, mixing Ramadan traditions with old fashioned kids’ frenzy items that have been around for decades.
It gave parents the chance to introduce their children to that time when they were still kids and when life was, despite the war and its outrage, a phenomenon of love and innocence manifesting itself every day. At “Dekkenet 3ammo Radwan”, children spent a time out of this world, they listened to stories their parents told them and related to values of simplicity and appreciation.
“Dekkenet 3ammo Radwan” with a 70s and 80s spirit, opened daily at City Centre Beirut, and welcomed children and adults of all ages, selling chocolate, biscuits, gum, nuts, candies, lollipops, and much more, in addition to Ramadan related items including prayer gowns, lanterns and Ramadan decorated items.